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AB-2021 San Mateo County Transit District.(2013-2014)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 103396 of the Public Utilities Code is amended to read:

 Any (a)   public works project that is contracted for  Except as specified in subdivision (b), the district shall comply with subdivision (f) of Section 1771.5 of the Labor Code and shall reimburse the Department of Industrial Relations for its reasonable and directly related costs of performing prevailing wage monitoring and enforcement on public works projects pursuant to rates established by the department as set forth in subdivision (h) of Section 1771.5 of the Labor Code on projects using the CMGC project delivery method under this article. All moneys collected  pursuant to this article subdivision  shall be subject to the requirements of Section 1771.4 deposited in the State Public Works Enforcement Fund, created by Section 1771.3  of the Labor Code. Code, and shall be used only for enforcement of prevailing wage requirements on those projects. 
(b) In lieu of complying with subdivision (a), the district may either (1) elect to continue operating an existing previously approved labor compliance program to monitor and enforce prevailing wage requirements on the project if it has not contracted with a third party to conduct its labor compliance program and requests and receives approval from the Department of Industrial Relations to continue the existing program or (2) enter into a collective bargaining agreement that binds all of the contractors performing work on the project and that includes a mechanism for resolving disputes about the payment of wages.