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AB-2008 Transit village plans: goods movement.(2013-2014)

As Amends the Law Today
As Amends the Law on Nov 21, 2014


 Section 65460.2 of the Government Code is amended to read:

 A city or county may prepare a transit village plan for a transit village development district that addresses the following characteristics:
(a) A neighborhood centered around a transit station that is planned and designed so that residents, workers, shoppers, and others find it convenient and attractive to patronize transit.
(b) A mix of housing types, including apartments, within not more than one-half mile of the main entrance of the transit station.
(c) Other land uses, including a retail district oriented to the transit station and civic uses, including day care centers and libraries.
(d) Pedestrian and bicycle access to the transit station, with attractively designed and landscaped pathways.
(e) A transit system that should encourage and facilitate intermodal service, and access by modes other than single occupant vehicles.
(f) Demonstrable public benefits beyond the increase in transit usage, including any six of the following:
(1) Relief of traffic congestion.
(2) Improved air quality.
(3) Increased transit revenue yields.
(4) Increased stock of affordable housing.
(5) Redevelopment of depressed and marginal inner-city neighborhoods.
(6) Live-travel options for transit-needy groups.
(7) Promotion of infill development and preservation of natural resources.
(8) Promotion of a safe, attractive, pedestrian-friendly environment around transit stations.
(9) Reduction of the need for additional travel by providing for the sale of goods and services at transit stations.
(10) Promotion of job opportunities.
(11) Improved cost-effectiveness through the use of the existing infrastructure.
(12) Increased sales and property tax revenue.
(13) Reduction in energy consumption.
(14) Minimization of the impact of goods movement on air quality, traffic, and public safety through the provision of dedicated loading and unloading facilities for commercial space.
(g) Sites where a density bonus of at least 25 percent may be granted pursuant to specified performance standards.
(h) Other provisions that may be necessary, based on the report prepared pursuant to subdivision (b) of former Section 14045, as enacted by Section 3 of Chapter 1304 of the Statutes of 1990.