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AB-1807 Water quality: organization and membership of regional boards.(2013-2014)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 13201 of the Water Code is amended to read:

 (a) There is a regional board for each of the regions described in Section 13200. Each board shall consist of seven members appointed by the Governor, each of whom shall represent, and act on behalf of, all the people and shall reside or have a principal place of business within the region.
(b) Except as specified in subdivision (c), each member shall be appointed on the basis of his or her demonstrated interest or proven ability in the field of water quality, including water pollution control, water resource management, water use, or water protection. The Governor shall consider appointments from the public and nonpublic sectors. In regard to appointments from the nonpublic sector, the Governor shall consider including members from key economic sectors in a given region, such as agriculture, industry, commercial activities, forestry, and fisheries.
(c) At least one member shall be appointed as a public member who is not required to meet the criteria established pursuant to subdivision (b).
(d) All persons appointed to a regional board shall be subject to Senate confirmation, but shall not be required to appear before any committee of the Senate for purposes of such the  confirmation unless specifically requested to appear by the Senate Committee on Rules.
(e) Insofar as practicable, appointments shall be made in such a  manner as to result in representation on the board from all parts of the region.
(f) Insofar as practicable, appointments shall be made in a manner as to result in representation on the board from diverse experiential backgrounds.
(g) Each member shall be appointed on the basis of his or her ability to attend substantially all meetings of the board and to actively discharge all duties and responsibilities of a member of the board.
(h) The reduction in the number of members of each regional board required by the act that added this subdivision  Chapter 39 of the Statutes of 2012  shall be achieved according to the ordinary expiration of the terms of incumbents and other vacancies. Notwithstanding Section 13202 13202,  the Governor shall not fill a vacancy on any a  regional board until the number of members serving on that regional board falls below seven members. When If  the numbers of members serving on the regional board falls below seven members, the Governor shall appoint or reappoint individuals pursuant to this section.