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AB-833 CalWORKs: maximum aid payments.(2011-2012)

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 Section 11450.04 of the Welfare and Institutions Code is amended to read:

 (a) For purposes of determining the maximum aid payment specified in subdivision (a) of Section 11450 and for no other purpose, the number of needy persons in the same family shall not be increased for any child born into a family that has received aid under this chapter continuously for the 10 months prior to the birth of the child. For purposes of this section, aid shall be considered continuous unless the family does not receive aid during two consecutive months. This subdivision shall not apply to applicants for, or recipients of, aid unless notification is provided pursuant to this section.
(b) This section shall not apply with respect to any of the following children:
(1) Any child who was conceived as a result of an act of rape, as defined in Sections 261 and 262 of the Penal Code, if the rape was reported to a law enforcement agency, medical or mental health professional or social services agency prior to, or within three months after, the birth of the child.
(2) Any child who was conceived as a result of an incestuous relationship if the relationship was reported to a medical or mental health professional or a law enforcement agency or social services agency prior to, or within three months after, the birth of the child, or if paternity has been established.
(3) Any child who was conceived as a result of contraceptive failure if the parent was using an intrauterine device, a Norplant, or the sterilization of either parent.
(4) Commencing January 1, 2012, any child who is disabled, pursuant to the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), 20 U.S.C. Section 1400 et seq. A child who satisfies the requirements of this paragraph shall be included as a needy person for purposes of calculating aid beginning on the later of; January 1, 2012, or the date of diagnosis of the disability.
(c) This section shall not apply to any child born on or before November 1, 1995.
(d) (1) This section shall not apply to any child to whom it would otherwise apply if the family has not received aid for 24 consecutive months while the child was living with the family.
(2) This section shall not apply to any child conceived when either parent was a nonneedy caretaker relative.
(3) This section shall not apply to any child who is no longer living in the same home with either parent.
(e) One hundred percent of any child support payment received for a child born into the family, but for whom the maximum aid payment is not increased pursuant to this section, shall be paid to the assistance unit. The child support payment shall not be considered as income to the family for the purpose of calculating the amount of aid for which the family is eligible under this article.
(f) Commencing January 1, 1995, each county welfare department shall notify applicants for assistance under this chapter, in writing, of the provisions of this section. The notification shall also be provided to recipients of aid under this chapter, in writing, at the time of recertification, or sooner. The notification required by this section shall set forth the provisions of this section and shall state explicitly the impact these provisions would have on the future aid to the assistance unit. This section shall not apply to any recipient’s child earlier than 12 months after the mailing of an informational notice as required by this subdivision.
(g) (1) The department shall seek all appropriate federal waivers for the implementation of this section.
(2) The department shall implement this section commencing on the date the Director of Social Services executes a declaration, that shall be retained by the director, stating that the administrative actions required by paragraph (1) as a condition of implementation of this section have been taken by the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services.
(h) Subdivisions (a) to (g), inclusive, shall become operative on January 1, 1995.
SEC. 2.
 If the Commission on State Mandates determines that this act contains costs mandated by the state, reimbursement to local agencies and school districts for those costs shall be made pursuant to Part 7 (commencing with Section 17500) of Division 4 of Title 2 of the Government Code.