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AB-552 Employment: minors.(2011-2012)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 1310 of the Labor Code is amended to read:

 This chapter and Chapter 3  Nothing in this article or Article 2  (commencing with Section 1390) do not prohibit or prevent any of the following: of Chapter 3 shall prohibit or prevent: 
(a) The appearance of any minor in any church, public or religious school, or community entertainment. “Community entertainment” means performing arts events, including dance, music, opera, and theater arts, produced by nonprofit organizations in which members of the community are invited to participate as nonprofessional members of the cast, crew, ensemble, troupe, staff, or production. 
(b) The appearance of any minor in any school entertainment or in any entertainment for charity or for children, for which an no  admission fee is not  charged.
(c) The appearance of any minor in any radio or television broadcasting or digital  exhibition, if where  the minor does not receive  receives no  compensation directly or indirectly therefor, and where  the engagement of the minor is limited to a single appearance lasting not more than one hour, and an  where no  admission fee is not  charged for the radio or television  broadcasting or digital television  exhibition.
(d) The appearance of any minor at any one event during a calendar year, occurring on a day on which school attendance is not required or on the day preceding such a  that  day, lasting four hours or less, if where  a parent or guardian of the minor is present, for which the minor does not directly or indirectly receive any compensation.