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AB-2112 Retail sellers: layaway practices.(2011-2012)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 1749 of the Civil Code is amended to read:

 Any A  retail seller which that  permits consumers to lay away consumer goods shall provide to any a  consumer entering into a layaway agreement with the seller a written statement of the terms and conditions of the agreement, including  including, but not limited to,  the following information:
(1) The amount of the deposit received.
(2) The length of time the goods will be held on layaway which may be expressed as a period of time or as a date when final payment for the goods is due.
(3) A specific description of the goods.
(4) The total purchase price of the goods including a separate listing of any handling or processing charges.
(5) Any other terms and conditions of the layaway agreement.
(6) That the seller will refund any layaway deposit and subsequent payments, if any, when, before the end of the stated layaway period, the goods have for any reason become no longer available in the same condition as at the time of the sale to the consumer.