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AB-1242 State water policy.(2009-2010)


 Section 106.3 is added to the Water Code, to read:

 (a) It is hereby declared to be the established policy of the state that every human being has the right to clean, affordable, and accessible water for human consumption, cooking, and sanitary purposes, that is adequate for the health and well-being of the individual and family.
(b) All relevant state agencies, including the department, the state board, and the State Department of Public Health, shall employ all reasonable means to implement this state policy. Those state agencies shall revise, adopt, or establish policies, regulations, and grant criteria to further this state policy, including establishing affordability criteria as appropriate, to the extent that those actions do not affect eligibility for federal funds.
(c) This section does not expand any obligation of the state to provide water or to require the expenditure of additional resources to develop water infrastructure beyond the obligations that may exist pursuant to subdivision (b).
(d) This section shall apply to water supplies for individuals and not for new development.
(e) The implementation of this section shall not infringe on the rights or responsibilities of any public water system.