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AB-2519 Nonprofit corporations: dissolution.(2001-2002)


 Section 6615 of the Corporations Code is amended to read:

 (a) When a corporation has been completely wound up without court proceedings, a majority of the directors then in office shall sign and verify a certificate of dissolution stating:
(1) That the corporation has been completely wound up.
(2) That its known debts and liabilities have been actually paid, or adequately provided for, or paid or adequately provided for as far as its assets permitted, or that it has incurred no known debts or liabilities, as the case may be. If there are known debts or liabilities for payment of which adequate provision has been made, the certificate shall state what provision has been made, setting forth the name and address of the corporation, person or governmental agency that has assumed or guaranteed the payment, or the name and address of the depositary with which deposit has been made or other information as may be necessary to enable the creditor or other person to whom payment is to be made to appear and claim payment of the debt or liability.
(3) That the corporation is dissolved.
(4) That all final returns required under the Revenue and Taxation Code have been or will be filed with the Franchise Tax Board.
(5) That the corporation, if applicable, is a committee, as defined in Section 82013 of the Government Code, that is required to and does file any statement pursuant to the provisions of Article 2 (commencing with Section 84200) of Chapter 4 of Title 9 of the Government Code and is exempt from the supervisory authority of the Attorney General pursuant to Sections 12581 and 12583 of the Government Code and is exempt from and not required to file the attachment specified in subdivision (b).
(b) Except as provided in subdivision (c), one  One  of the following documents issued by the Attorney General shall be attached to the certificate of dissolution:
(1) A written waiver of objections to the distribution of the corporation’s assets pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 6716.
(2) A written confirmation that the corporation has no assets.
(c) The certificate of dissolution and attachment described in subdivision (b) shall be filed with the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State  State who  shall not accept a certificate of dissolution for filing without this attachment unless the attachment is not required as specified in paragraph (5) of subdivision (a).  attachment.  The corporate existence shall cease upon the acceptance of the filing of the certificate of dissolution and, if required, the attachment,  and attachment  by the Secretary of State, except for the purpose of further winding up if needed. The Secretary of State shall notify the  However, before any corporation may file a certificate of dissolution it shall file or cause to be filed the certificate of satisfaction of the  Franchise Tax Board of the dissolution. required by Section 23334 of the Revenue and Taxation Code that all taxes, if any, imposed under the Bank and Corporation Tax Law have been paid or secured.